• Compilation: Orchestral instruments RESOURCES

    Take a tour of ArtsAlive.ca website, and discover their Instrument Lab section. Each orchestral instruments is explained and you can also listen to their sounds:
    New York Philharmonic Kidzone is another fantastic website to learn by playing the name of all the orchestral instruments. Don’t miss the Instrument Storage room:


    The Nashville Symphony Orchestra has also NSO Kids zone. Click on ‘Our instruments‘ to learn about the instruments played at the symphony.
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    And also San Francisco Symphony Kids Site shows the orchestral families with short definitions of each instrument, as well as a 3D views and the sound of them:


    Philharmonia‘s expert players guide us through the intricacies of the instruments they play. You can choose an instrument from one of the sections:


    This Instrument Gallery, from Sphinxkids website, is also a fantastic explanation of the String Family:

    In Classics for Kids we can visit an interactive website to see and hear the Instruments of the Orchestra:
    the orchestra
    Listen by instrument: a good sound library, found in DSO Kids:
    Orchestra seating chart in different periods, also by DSO Kids:


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