• Peter and the wolf

    ‘Peter and the Wolf’ was composed in 1936 by Sergei Prokofiev. He was asked to write a new musical symphony for children and he completed this composition in four days. The story was based on a Russian folktale.

    There are six different musical themes, representing the characters in the story:

    Bird – ?
    Cat – clarinet
    Duck – oboe
    Grandfather – bassoon
    Peter – ? (__________ section)
    Wolf – ? ____________
    The hunters – woodwind section theme. The gunshots are played with ____________

    When Prokofiev wrote Peter and the Wolf, he chose an instrument to correspond with each character’s personality.

    While watching this short film, we can think about these questions:

    1) -Why Prokofiev chose each instrument for each character: what is it about the sound of the instrument that makes it a perfect fit with the character?
    2) – For each character, what other instrument could Prokofiev have chosen to create a similar effect?

    And then, let’s talk about some elements of ‘Peter and the wolf’ Folk Tale:

    3) – Where does this story happen? Landscape: Is the river in the story the size of the Bow River?
    4) – Is this a modern story, or a long ago story?
    5) – Could this story happen today?
    6) – Did the characters in the story learn something? What was it?
    7) – Is that an important lesson for us? How can it apply to you and me?

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