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  • Compilation: Orchestral instruments RESOURCES

    Publicado el 3 marzo, 2016 en 2º ESO Bilingüe, Bilingual Notes, Bilingual Resources, Musical instruments, Online resources

    Take a tour of website, and discover their Instrument Lab section. Each orchestral instruments is explained and you can also listen to their sounds:
    New York Philharmonic Kidzone is another fantastic website to learn by playing the name of all the orchestral instruments. Don’t miss the Instrument Storage room:


    The Nashville Symphony Orchestra has also NSO Kids zone. Click on ‘Our instruments‘ to learn about the instruments played at the symphony.
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    And also San Francisco Symphony Kids Site shows the orchestral families with short definitions of each instrument, as well as a 3D views and the sound of them:


    Philharmonia‘s expert players guide us through the intricacies of the instruments they play. You can choose an instrument from one of the sections:


    This Instrument Gallery, from Sphinxkids website, is also a fantastic explanation of the String Family:

    In Classics for Kids we can visit an interactive website to see and hear the Instruments of the Orchestra:
    the orchestra
    Listen by instrument: a good sound library, found in DSO Kids:
    Orchestra seating chart in different periods, also by DSO Kids:


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    Properties of musical tones: conceptual map

    Publicado el 30 octubre, 2015 en 2º ESO Bilingüe, Bilingual Notes, Bilingual Resources, Lenguaje musical, My resources, Online resources

    We can review the PROPERTIES OF MUSICAL TONES with this conceptual map.

    Mapa Mental creado con GoConqr por musicaxado

    To develop this conceptual map, I’ve used GoConqr. Quite recommendable!

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  • Flashcards: Note values & Rests

    Publicado el 26 octubre, 2015 en 2º ESO Bilingüe, Bilingual Notes, Bilingual Resources, My resources

    We review DURATION with these note values flashcards.

    Look carefully the note value or rest and try to remembre its name. Check your answer clicking on it to see the answer and… point the thumb upwards if you hit the mark!

    You can see easily the number of right answers, just like those flashcards you need to review.

    To develop these flashcards I’ve used GoConqr. Quite recommendable!