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  • Instruments families: videos

    Publicado el 5 marzo, 2016 en 2º ESO Bilingüe, Bilingual Resources, Funny videos, Musical instruments, Vídeos, Vídeos interesantes

    And getting back to the Orchestral Instruments bilingual resources, I share with you these fantastic videos from Classical MPR.

    With the help of this eccentric, outdated computer TOMMIS, the videos explain which instruments belong to each of the orchestra’s four families: strings, winds, percussion, and brass.

  • Star wars fan?

    Publicado el 2 marzo, 2016 en 2º ESO, 2º ESO Bilingüe, Funny videos, Musical instruments, Vídeos

    If you love Star Wars movies, you’ll probably be amazed by Star Wars soundtrack, composed, as you know, by film music genius John Williams. You’ll fancy this Star Wars Parody: Cello Wars!

    Long ago in a galaxy far, far away…

    If you want to know something more about The Piano guys, don’t miss this funny video: Why is this cello player so HAPPY when he plays the cello?

    No instruments were harmed in the making of this video

  • Baroque Music – Música del Barroco

    Publicado el 18 febrero, 2016 en 3º ESO, 3º ESO Bilingüe, Hª de la música, History of Music, Vídeos

    Repasamos las audiciones del tema ‘La Música en el Barroco’ con esta lista de reproducción:
    We revise our Baroque music listening practice thanks to this playlist:

  • How to respond to feedback

    Publicado el 10 febrero, 2016 en 2º ESO Bilingüe, 3º ESO Bilingüe, Bilingual Resources, Otros, Vídeos, Vídeos interesantes

    I really enjoyed this funny video! I do agree with the importance of giving a POSITIVE feedback when teaching Music lessons to our students! 😉

  • videos

    Publicado el 19 enero, 2016 en 2º ESO Bilingüe, Bilingual Notes, Music Theory, Vídeos, Vídeos interesantes

    I admit I’m a big TED fan!
    These are fantastic videos for my bilingual students of 2º ESO:

  • Peter and the wolf

    Publicado el 7 enero, 2016 en 2º ESO Bilingüe, Bilingual Resources, Online resources, Vídeos, Vídeos interesantes

    ‘Peter and the Wolf’ was composed in 1936 by Sergei Prokofiev. He was asked to write a new musical symphony for children and he completed this composition in four days. The story was based on a Russian folktale.

    There are six different musical themes, representing the characters in the story:

    Bird – ?
    Cat – clarinet
    Duck – oboe
    Grandfather – bassoon
    Peter – ? (__________ section)
    Wolf – ? ____________
    The hunters – woodwind section theme. The gunshots are played with ____________

    When Prokofiev wrote Peter and the Wolf, he chose an instrument to correspond with each character’s personality.

    While watching this short film, we can think about these questions:

    1) -Why Prokofiev chose each instrument for each character: what is it about the sound of the instrument that makes it a perfect fit with the character?
    2) – For each character, what other instrument could Prokofiev have chosen to create a similar effect?

    And then, let’s talk about some elements of ‘Peter and the wolf’ Folk Tale:

    3) – Where does this story happen? Landscape: Is the river in the story the size of the Bow River?
    4) – Is this a modern story, or a long ago story?
    5) – Could this story happen today?
    6) – Did the characters in the story learn something? What was it?
    7) – Is that an important lesson for us? How can it apply to you and me?

  • Science vs. Music

    Publicado el 12 diciembre, 2015 en Vídeos, Vídeos interesantes

    This is real! Amazing video, by Nigel Stanford